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I am an advocate for love and I understand your loneliness when disconnecting from your beloved. I know how frustrating it feels to be repeatedly miss-understood. And I know how suffocating it is when we can’t express our thoughts and feelings. I have been there, and many others have been there and I helped them to move from where they were to more passionate, happy and fulfilling relationships with the people they love. I am a certified NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner and Relationships Coach.

Reem Ahmed

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Family & Relationship Coaching

This approach helps clients develop happier & healthier relationships with self and others. It can be done for individuals, couples, and family members who face difficulties in the dynamics of their relationships.


Group coaching to bring teams more closely together were the strengths of every individual is appreciated and brought to the scene, which will help building more cohesive and resilient teams.
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Customized workshops to improve the awareness of family dynamics and help building happier and healthier families.

What Clients Say About Our Services?

Maya Abbas

"The sessions I had with [Reem Ahmed] were so helpful, and the results are great! I did coaching with Reem for a ‘commitment goal’, which was mainly about being committed to tasks with positivity, a focused mind, persistence, and by becoming stronger in the face of the obstacles and negativity around me. As a result of this coaching, I have stopped complaining and moved forward, blocking negativity and negative people around me, and I have committed to my goals and tasks."

Maya Abbas

The experience was amazing. I started the sessions before my position was made redundant at Emirates. However, the sessions taken helped me deal with my redundancy...i now have my goal set and i am achieveing it. If anything will stop me, it is me. Thanks to God because i could meet an amazing coach like Reem who took me from the dark thoughts causing a wall in my life to a more driven and goal oriented person. Thank you Reem once again and i pray that you continue to bring change to many lives

Andjou Armel Mea

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