What is coaching?

With coaching, you’ll work with a professional partner who will guide you, support you, be your cheer leader, and hold you accountable throughout your journey of transformation from inside out, releasing what has been holding you back and building new thought patterns and behaviors.

Choosing coaching means you’re a strong person who is ready to learn more about yourself, and take courageous steps towards achieving the positive change you desire to have and experience in your own life.

How can coaching help you?

By supporting you with:

Professional Development

To grow in our careers, we need to understand how our thought patterns are linked to our emotions, and affect our behaviors, and what we can do to turn things around and achieve our professional goals and dreams.

Personal Transformation

True change comes from within. Through awareness, acceptance, courage, and accountability, we can transcend our personal barriers and embrace a more fulfilling life.


Knowledge & Insight

We gain the most valuable knowledge and insight when we focus on working with professional partners who can guide us through our journey of self-acceptance and real change.


My journey from being water engineer to a certified coach and NLP practitioner

My own journey to becoming a certified coach and NLP practitioner was not a direct path. But it is my rich and diverse background that helps me connect with and understand my clients on a uniquely deep and empathetic level.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in computer science and my master’s degree in water resources, and working for a long time in the technical field, I decided to also embrace my creative characteristic though studying and practicing professional photography and event planning. By pursuing both artistic and scientific expertise in my professional life, and linking intellectual thinking with creative thinking, I developed the ability to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of every person and their life journeys with a great compassion as they work to create meaningful change.

My own coaching style draws on my background and belief in the importance of every human being and their contribution on earth, which allows me to work with my clients as a true partner, and help them find relief, acceptance, support, and self-awareness as they pursue their journey towards a lasting transformation. And by following a holistic approach of taking care of their body, mind, heart, and spirit, I help my clients develop a more balanced and happy life.

How coaching is impacting people's lives

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