Public Workshops

Public Workshops

What are public workshops?

These workshops are designed to meet certain requirements like self-improvement, having better relationships, being prepared to create a new family…etc. These workshops are open for public to attend and are held virtually or in-person at various locations. Workshops details (date, timing, location, cost) will be shared once they are announced on our pages on social media at least one month in advance, to allow for inquiries and registration. Some workshops may be created and adjusted according to individual demands and requirements.

public workshops
Benefits of public workshops
What to expect with public workshops?

The facilitator will introduce valuable material followed by exercises. You will be having time to do the exercises alone and then share your experience with the group (if you wish to), and at the same time benefit from the experience of others. Then get the chance to discuss some cases with the facilitator.

It is a very supportive and convenient atmosphere where the rule is acceptance, compassion, understanding and respect starting from the facilitator towards attendees, and by attendees towards the facilitator and each other. You will also have the chance voice your needs and suggestions to the group and to the facilitator during breaks.

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