Raising your children with love

Raising your children with love

Every new generation is different from the previous one. Human beings are continuously evolving.  If we compare two generations’ lifestyles, we can see how drastically things has changed. Words like ‘technology’, ‘globalism’ and ‘digital’ were alien terms for ‘Baby Boomers’ generation. ‘Millennials’ and ‘Generation Z’ however, have become digital citizens, who have mastered the technique of connecting globally through technology.

Research shows that current technological developments are shaping the minds of our children. Previously, using the internet for children and teenagers was a taboo – but today it has become an essential educational tool for all school grades, and entrepreneurial platform for teenagers. It is important to understand how fast the world is changing around us. And the influence of those changes on our children.

In order to evaluate our children’s coping mechanisms with those massive and quick changes more accurately, we need to be willing to experience the world from their positions, and through their eyes. Only then, we can analyse how they are being affected mentally, emotionally, socially, and psychologically.

Our children want to be safe, happy, and productive. Though many of our teaching techniques may have become outdated, we can still teach them the core values, which are always applicable.

Below are few tips parents can follow, to ensure their children are feeling happy, safe, and sound:

  • Understand that love is the basic essence of life

Loving our children has many forms, such as acknowledging their emotional and physical needs, providing stable and secure family environment for their growth, respecting their choices, and becoming interested in their lives, with pure curiosity and open mind and heart. Nurturing our children with love is one of the most important aspects of parenthood.

  • Being a role model is more important than being a strict parent

According to psychology, children are first imitators. While children are imitating us, we must make the best use of it, by presenting ourselves as the best role models we can, so that their learning from us happens naturally and fluently. Children learn core values and ethical behaviors by watching actions of their parents. They will follow our teaching when we walk the talk.

  • Become friends!

Being friends with your children is invaluable. Listen to them when they have stories to share and be present, respond to their questions if any, and teach them the wisdom in whatever is happening to them. Joke around with them when they are being silly, become their ally whenever they need support, and be their source of advice whenever they need it, even on small matters. Include them in family discussions and ask for their opinions. This way, they will feel valued and needed, and you will create a bond of trust. Both of you will feel joyful and happy.   

  • Create opportunities to connect

Children connect best when their parents get involved in the same activities they do. By either helping them in their school projects or even building a treehouse with them. Regardless of the activity, what matters the most is the amount and quality of time you invest in your children. Spending quality time with them assures them love and self-worth. They will always appreciate your efforts, as you are helping them to cultivate their skills.

  • Be flexible and allow mistakes

Being a parent doesn’t only mean to appreciate good behaviors or reward good results. The real test is when they don’t meet expectations. It is your responsibility as a parent to be there for your children because that’s the time they need you the most. Become less judgmental and support your children during difficult times or when they have made you less proud.

  • Treat them equally

Treating your children equally is very important. It is a gateway to earn respect. Don’t forget that each child of yours needs the same love and affection. Avoid biases among your children and be fair with them. Unfairness may lead your child to go into self-piety and will start comparing themselves with their siblings, leading them to perform less in all aspects of life. As a parent this is the last thing you would want to see.

Parents are their children’s heroes. They play the most important role in their lives to help them build a successful future. Being a good parent may seem tough, but the fruitful rewards makes travelling the journey more tolerable. Give your children the environment they deserve and need to grow. By giving a peaceful and happy environment to your children, that is full of laughter, learning, and support, you will make them ready to face the new world and bloom with success.

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