Second ANLP Practice Group Session


Second ANLP Practice Group Session

We are arranging the second ANLP practice group session in Dubai, at In5 in Dubai Design District, and the meeting is taking place on Saturday, 06th Jul, starting at 10:00 am running for two hours.

Attending this ANLP Practice group can be great, and will give you the opportunity to

  • network and interact with like minded professionals
  • practice and hone your skills as an NLP Professional
  • share successes and challenges with your peers in a supportive environment
  • build a network of local contacts who can cross refer potential clients
  • disseminate information and share learnings, discoveries and good practice

Places are limited to 20 seats and do need to be booked in advance, so please contact me for further information or to book your place. There will be a waiting list.

Please do pass this information on to your NLP colleagues - anyone who is NLP qualified can attend and there is no requirement for participants to be a member of ANLP.

Also public with coaching background or interested in coaching and NLP can attend to get introduced to NLP.

ANLP Continual Professional Development certificates will be given to everyone who attends.

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