Teams Coaching

Teams Coaching

What is teams coaching?

Unlike individual life coaching, teams coaching looks at a group of people/members with interdependent relationships, working together towards achieving a common goal or task, as one whole system. It is important to align the team towards the same goal and allow their collective efforts to work together to make it happen. Sometimes individual coaching does not last, as the person goes back to his/her system and face resistance against the change she/he made or is introducing.


Additionally, each individual is affecting and being affected by other members of the team. Team coaches help the members to discover the system’s collective wisdom and reveal what the system needs to its team. Team coaches help team members to see their individual strengths, obstacles, and potentials to create a combined successful team that benefits from each individual’s strengths and potentials, and work to solve their obstacles with collaboration and mutual agreement.

teams coaching
Benefits of teams coaching
What to expect with teams coaching?

A team coach will work with all members of the team together, to create consensus, get introduced to their challenges, and help team members to discover solutions for their team. This will require a lot of understanding, willingness to accept differences as well as challenges, and collaboration between different team members themselves, and between them and their coach.

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