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About Me

My journey to become a certified Relationship Coach and NLP practitioner was not straightforward. A decade from now, I was dealing mostly with machines, and I liked it because I had fears of dealing with people and constantly getting hurt. I was that nerd in the library who had books in their life more than people! As I got my bachelor’s degree in computer science and master’s degree in water resources, I worked in the technical field for several years, most of them were in water engineering. 

What Clients Say About Our Services?

Maya Abbas
"The sessions I had with [Reem Ahmed] were so helpful, and the results are great! I did coaching with Reem for a ‘commitment goal’, which was mainly about being committed to tasks with positivity, a focused mind, persistence, and by becoming stronger in the face of the obstacles and negativity around me. As a result of this coaching, I have stopped complaining and moved forward, blocking negativity and negative people around me, and I have committed to my goals and tasks."
Maya Abbas
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The experience was amazing. I started the sessions before my position was made redundant at Emirates. However, the sessions taken helped me deal with my redundancy...i now have my goal set and i am achieveing it. If anything will stop me, it is me. Thanks to God because i could meet an amazing coach like Reem who took me from the dark thoughts causing a wall in my life to a more driven and goal oriented person. Thank you Reem once again and i pray that you continue to bring change to many lives
Andjou Armel Mea
“I am so honored I met coach Reem Ahmed She coached the teams of the SPLINT program and helped the teams to balance work and private life. Her coaching helped to refine core values, autonomy, work collaboratively and get maximum out from the invested time. She transformed the members into an interactive and collaborative team with operational excellence with the most admirable discipline within few sessions. Following her coaching, I was able to bring up my small idea to reach the enterprise-wide recognized program. I recommend Reem as the must-have coach on your director board or as an advocate for the startups if you have a genuine desire to see the success of your journey.”
Rangana Gunathilaka
Founder of openSplint.io
Coach Reem is the easy-to-do coach .. She Delved into the depths with kindness and ease without letting you feel it... and illuminates your hidden jewels with the touch of her charming questions. I enjoyed being coached by her. And whoever has not tried it is losing a lot.
Coach Reem introduced me to myself again, I was very comfortable from the first session and it is rare thing for me to quickly trust a person and talk to him/her about everything. I thank coach Reem for listening to me and helping me to succeed in balancing the four energies, energy of soul, mind, body and emotions. She taught me to control my thoughts, and how positive thinking leads to positive action and positive results. Every time I remember her words, I feel energized to continue again. I thank her and feel really happy to know her, I thank God for knowing her and feel grateful to the person who introduced me to coach Reem, and for our communications. And that she was and still is one of the major reasons for my change. Thank you very much coach Reem.
Mo’men Ismail
Coach Reem is unique coach with special creative tools that helped me a lot to find myself and see myself in the mirror to find the real person I am.
Ramez Mohamed

The Great Shift

Relationships are the source of life. When we connect and communicate, we build something bigger and more beautiful together. But for this to happen, this connection needs to be based on love and support, which in turn brings happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Unfortunately, most of us did not grow up in a loving family and experienced unconditional love. We end up feeling lonely, rejected, and confused. Home is no more the warm, tender, caring, and nourishing container for you.

How scary this can be!

I know how frustrating it is to be continuously misunderstood, not be able to express your emotions and have fears of not being loved or losing someone you already love.

The daydream of having a fulfilling relationship becomes a nightmare when you start asking yourself every day and night:

“Am I meant to be in this loop?”
“Am I meant to be alone?”
“Am I singled out in this misery?”
“What if I couldn’t find my soulmate?”
“Am I the right person for him/her?”
“What is wrong with me?”

The good news is you are not alone! Many people had similar experiences like you, and I helped them to break out of this loop, let go of the past, love themselves unconditionally, to express their thoughts and emotions freely, and to re-write their stories of love and life. Yes! You can have a different, happier life! You can find your soulmate! And you can together build your happy kingdom!

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