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Enriching Your Relationships With Self & Others Program

ورشات لتطوير الذات وزيادة الوعي والذكاء العاطفي والذكاء الاجتماعي مع ريم أحمد - مدرب علاقات محترف واستشاري علاقات أسرية ومهنية في دبي

The enriching your relationship with yourself and others program is an experiential and psycho-educational brief intervention program based on the skills of Virginia Stair, which has been applied to a broad spectrum of populations.

The program’s premise is that the skills that Satir used therapeutically could be modified and taught to the general public to enrich their lives. The skills include:
making contact,
becoming aware,
opening to greater understanding and acceptance,
making conscious choices and changes, and
seeking and giving support.

The enriching program is recognized globally for its effectiveness by those receiving it. It was developed by Sharon Loeschen, a licensed practitioner in psychotherapy and the CEO of Virginia Satir Global Network. Sharon studied directly with Virginia, the certifying body and the international organization, and was hugely affected by her work.

Falling Head Over Heals In Love With Yourself

سر السعادة الزوجية وحب الذات من خلال ورشات تطوير الذات مع ريم أحمد - مدرب علاقات معتمد وأخصائية اسشارات أسرية محترفة

Tired of hearing words like ”know your worth” “You deserve love” “Be who you are” and “Love yourself” without telling you how to do so?

Are there always voices in your head telling you “You’re not enough” or “You have to change”

Voices that tell you you are unworthy, unloved, and rejected. Voices that direct your actions to seek love, to be a people pleaser, to be someone else!

Well, in this workshop, I’m going to tell you you are worthy and you are loved. But, I’m also showing you the pathway to believe all this yourself!

You will, after a long time, I know, draw your way to self-love and self-esteem.

And in the way, you will meet your confidence, sense of worthiness, and new healthy and happy relationships, because now you have the tools and skills you need for all this.

Based on years of researching, reading, having my own and coaching clients’ experiences, international relationships certificates, and more!

This workshop will help you to say goodbye to your negative past experiences and relationships FOR GOOD. You will move on once and forever, and be ready for a happy, fulfilling, and exciting life ahead of you!

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