One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential guides them to discover their inner and outer resources and helps them to access these resources to find solutions and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

How Coaching Can Help You?

كوتشينج العلاقات للأفراد والأزواج وفي العمل
ريم أحمد - أفضل كاتبة وكوتش علاقات في دبي والإمارات.

Personal Transformation

True change comes from within. Through awareness, acceptance, courage, and accountability we can transcend our barriers and embrace a more fulfilling life.

To have a more fulfilling relationship, we need to understand ourselves first. What are our needs and desires? How do we prefer to show and receive love? We need to accept our emotions and express them freely and congruently. This will help us develop inner peace and become ready to connect to others based on a solid basis of awareness. Then we start learning about the other person to bridge to them and feed the seed of our relationship to help it grow and flourish.
ريم أحمد - أفضل كاتبة وكوتش علاقات في دبي والإمارات.

Relationship Development

ريم أحمد - أفضل كاتبة وكوتش علاقات في دبي والإمارات.


We gain the most valuable knowledge and insight when we focus on understanding our thoughts, which are linked to our emotions, and affect our behaviors. This will guide us through our journey of self-acceptance and facilitate lasting change.

الكوتشينج الفردي للغير متزوجات مع ريم أحمد كوتش العلاقات في الإمارات

One-on-One Relationship Coaching for singles

Your relationship with yourself is the core of any other relationship. Once you understand yourself, become aware of your values, thoughts, and feelings, and work on your self-love, your whole life will change. Start your journey to know yourself, discover your strength, build your confidence, and get ready to pursue your happy relationship.

One-on-One Relationship Coaching for Couples

Marriage is God’s gift to us. It’s the most valuable thing on earth. To live with someone who loves and appreciates you. And build a loving family together. However, with time, you discover how different you are. You get misunderstood, feel helpless and try desperately to express yourself in the right way. Gradually, you begin to lose faith in your relationship. In Couple Relationship Coaching, we work together on deepening your understanding of yourself and your partner. You learn how to communicate lovingly and appreciate each other. You find out how to ask for what you want without feeling like a beggar for love. You are one step away from thriving in your relationships together.
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بناء الفرق القوية مع ريم أحمد

Team Coaching at Workplace

Behavioral patterns at work can decide whether your company will flourish or fall apart. That’s why your employees need to learn about their behavioral patterns, have the tools to change them from the core, and build new productive, efficient, and cooperative relationships to enhance their teamwork and productivity. Take your first step to build a healthy work environment that encourages creativity and innovation.