About Me

Shifting From The Source Of Life To Life Itself

كيف تحولت من مهندسة مياه إلى أخصائية في كوتشينج ومينتوريج العلاقات وممارسة للبرمجة اللغوية العصبية

My Story

My journey to become Relationships Coaching and Mentoring Specialist, an accredited coach by the ICF and and NLP practitioner was not straightforward. Few years ago, I was dealing mostly with machines, and I liked it because I had fears of dealing with people and constantly getting hurt. I was that nerd in the library who had books in their life more than people! As I got my bachelor’s degree in computer science and master’s degree in water resources, I worked in the technical field for several years, most of them were in water engineering.

During this, I started noticing how people in the corporate world misinterpret the word emotions and give it unwelcomed meaning. They would constantly call for suppressing emotions or masking them by pretending a feeling that you don’t have, in order to be considered professional. I have also noticed how people are aggressively competing with each other rather than collaborating and elevating each other. Everyone wanted to do more, have more, get more, regardless of the rest. I didn’t like it and kept looking for answers.

Initially I thought it would be better to shift to my creative part that allows more for emotional expression, and I learned professional photography. But then I realized there is more to it. It is not about activating your intellectual logical mind or creative emotional mind and separating them from each other, but rather to combine all your aspects into the single human being you are and learn ways to love yourself the way you are in order for others to love you. I took many courses in self-development and read many books.

After some time, I found myself constantly trying to bring people together and infuse more harmony between them. I knew how to support them and validate their emotions. I had this gift of understanding people and empathizing with them. And wanted to take this to the next step, to up-level it, to help and support them in the right way. And most importantly, to help those who have fears of relationships to overcome them, as I did!

After searching and trying so many activities, I finally found it. It was not machines that I am passionate about; it was people.


ريم أحمد - أفضل كاتبة وكوتش علاقات في دبي والإمارات.
I decided to learn more about humans, their thinking, emotions, and most importantly, their relationships. Whether to themselves, their creator, events, and things or to each other as humans. Here’s where my road shifted from water engineering to relationship re-engineering. I studied Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Organizational Teams & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) accredited program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). ICF is considered the main accrediting and credentialing body for coaching practice around the globe. I got my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation from the ICF, and then studied the Virginia Satir Coaching & Mentoring Program at Virginia Satir Global Network, which is based on the skills of Virginia Satir, a pioneer family therapist. I started finally living my call. Helping hundreds of people, singles, couples, and professionals, craft their own stories, deepen their relationships, express their feelings freely and honestly, and have the healthy relationships and life they have always wished for. That’s my story of shifting from the source of life – water – to the life itself – relationships –