Group Coaching Sessions

Group coaching sessions, where you come to find solutions to your problems, share your story, get the support you crave, and have the tools you need for a more satisfying, loving, and fulfilling life you deserve.
مجموعة دعم للتعافي من العلاقات السامة بتوجيه من مدرب معتمد وأخصائية استشارات أسرية وزوجية في دبي ريم أحمد

Single Ladies Group Coaching

Are you a single lady? Do you feel like there’s something wrong with your relationships? Do you question your value? Feel like you can’t have a long-lasting love relationship? This is the group for you. You will finally have a safe environment where you can share your feelings, thoughts, and story freely without the fear of judgment. Then learn the tools and techniques to love yourself, have self-confidence, and have the courage to pursue the love story that you’ve always dreamed of.

Married Ladies Group Coaching

Feel like the love is fading between you and your husband? There is always a barrier between you two? You can’t communicate, your voice is not heard, and the love story you lived before has become a part of history! No matter how hard you try to revive your love and intimacy, you always end up fighting. If this is you, you are in the right place to save your love and marriage. Through this group, you can finally understand the root cause of the barriers between you and your husband, how to communicate your needs in the right way, and how to love yourself and your partner more.
استشارات أسرية في الإمارات مع ريم أحمد أخصائية الاستشارات الزوجية والأسرية
استشارات أسرية في الإمارات مع ريم أحمد أخصائية الاستشارات الزوجية والأسرية

Healing Addictive Relationships Group Coaching

Codependent-narcissistic relationships are very much like a loop, a various cycle that seems to have no end. Once you are trapped, you get deeper and deeper into it. Unless you decide to break this cycle With the right decision, tools, and professional support, you will set yourself free from this addictive relationship. Know the pattern of codependent-narcissistic relationships, and have the tools and support to break the loop, and get your life back. Learn to love yourself, avoid toxic coping mechanisms in your relationships, find your voice, stand for yourself, and begin a new era of healthy, loving, and supportive relationships.

Couples Group Coaching

Marriage is a co-dependent relationship between 2 independent partners. Who are willing to care, provide, listen, and make their love last for a lifetime. In this group, you will have the tools and techniques to improve your relationship, refresh your love and caring emotions, and make the choices that will keep your relationship fulfilling for both of you. You will learn how to connect and communicate on a deeper level, to listen without judging each other, resolve your conflicts with love avoiding toxic coping mechanisms when stressed or overwhelmed.
استشارات أسرية في الإمارات مع ريم أحمد أخصائية الاستشارات الزوجية والأسرية