Creating a happier world

Some people associate happiness with fulfillment of desires, whereas others associate it with achievement of goals. The meaning of happiness differs for each one of us. If someone feels happy when s/he purchases a luxurious car, it is not necessary that the same thing would bring happiness to other people. That is totally understandable, but it is unfortunately conditional happiness, it always depends on something to happen in order for us to give ourselves the permission to feel happy.

The truth is, regardless of the external reason, happiness will always come from within. When we are in peace and relaxed in our own skin, we can deal with any situation and order our minds to send the electrical pulses of happiness to our organs, even when we don’t get what we want. We start radiating positive energy, and people surrounding us will feel it. Happiness is contagious, when are truly happy, we have the capacity to infuse happiness all around us. The ripple keeps increasing to create a happier world.

Current lifestyles and mindsets are so quick in pace and build huge walls between people. The walls of formalities, protocols, categorizing people in classes, and wearing social masks that do not allow for true connection, leading us to live stressful lives. It becomes difficult to handle overwhelming situations, resulting unhealthy relationships, and affecting us psychologically, physically and emotionally. We become unhappy human.

We need to give extra attention to our inner worlds, to understand what is happening inside us each moment in everyday, work to improve it, release previous traumatic experiences, build independent lives and become ready to connect with love. Rather than searching forever for a perfect partner, who matches a list of idealistic qualities, it is more important to find a ready and happy partner and connect with love .

And when I say ready, I don’t mean only financially or physically, but I also mean emotionally and psychologically, so that they can provide a perfect environment to their children to grow into happy and healthy human, who can spread love allover the world. If two people meet, holding on their previous relationships and all traumatic experiences they went through since childhood up to the moment they got married, they can’t provide the right environment for their relationship to flourish, or for their children to grow and be happy contributors in the world.

The good news is every dark cloud has a silver lining.  Among all stresses and anxiety, we can always find ways to become stress-free and pleased with life. I highly recommend these important tips to help us become happier human:

ê  Conquer negative thinking

It is a human nature to give more weight in our brains to negative thoughts than positive ones. One negative event can hijack our minds and affect our work, health, and relationships adversely if not contained and handled with love and acceptance, while applying the right experience to solve it with wisdom. We need to make conscious efforts to stop over-thinking and look at each negative experience as an opportunity to grow and evolve, by first thinking: “what is the message I am getting from this event that is sent to me with love?” and then act accordingly.

ê  Practice optimism

It takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle. When we do things in routine, our brains are forced to rewire themselves. To find long-term happiness, we need to train our brains to change from negative to a positive mindset. Do a lot of positive affirmations and look for things in your life that you feel grateful for. Choose a positive thought each day and try living it the whole day in all aspects of your life. Repeat this process for 90 days. You will see how your brain will shift and you will start noticing more positive things around you, even during tough moments.

ê  Celebrate little victories

Happiness lies in small things. This may sound as a cliché, but it works really well. Learn to enjoy small triumphs, invite your loved ones over to your house, and share your success stories with them. You will notice change around you by seeing how people positively respond to your vibrant energy. And you will start developing healthy relationships with your surroundings.

ê  Accept imperfection

Life is not perfect. As much as we know this, we still forget it when we are hit with reality. We always believe that the grass is greener on the other side. Try to put yourself in the position of others to realize that each person is battling a problem of their own. There may be some situations in our control, but not all of them. Try to accept imperfections in your life. The only power you have is doing your best to make things better.

ê  Live in the moment

We as human tend to swing between two states: regretting the past or being anxious about the future. We forget to live in the present, and overlook the fact that reality is what we are going through here and now. We cannot rewrite the past, and it is impossible to predict the future. So, make a resolution to live in the moment and you will begin to have a deeper appreciation for your life.

ê  Build meaningful relationships

Humans are always in need to interact and connect with themselves and each other. Journal the moments in which you felt a deeper connection with yourself, jot down the activities that helped you to do it and repeat them often. Make your own tribe of people who do understand, support and love you. Without meaningful relationships to ourselves and others, we start feeling disconnected and living in our own isolated lands, which is against human nature. We are happier when we connect and share our happiness with others. When it is done with the right people, it always magnifies.

ê  Spend time in nature

According to research, today’s generation is suffering from nature-deficit disorder. Some studies have shown that more time spent in nature can help us to relate with natural world around us. Our connection with nature will help us to maintain a positive mental state; hence helping us to create a positive world around us.

Life is like a cycle, where one thing affects the other. Those tips can help us to become happier individuals. When we radiate positive energy, we attract the best for ourselves. Our relationships get better, our children grow in a positive and healthy environment, and this love is transferred to the whole world around us. People will reflect back to us the same positive energy. 

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