How to become a ready partner?

How to become a ready partner?

The Importance of Planning in Relationships

Planning plays a crucial role in our lives, providing a sense of certainty and control. From education and career paths to travel and vacations, we tend to plan almost everything in our lives. However, we often forget to plan for life beyond significant events, like a wedding. We spend thousands of dollars planning for the wedding’s celebration and overlook the importance of planning for what comes after. Warren Buffet once said, “a fool with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”.

Preparing for a Lasting Relationship

Planning for conflicts, agreements, time, and finances is vital for a successful and lasting relationship. Addressing past wounds is equally important before welcoming someone new into your life. Healing emotional wounds is essential for moving forward smoothly in a new romantic relationship.

Take Time to Heal

Rushing into a new relationship after a breakup is comparable to covering a wound without cleaning it. It’s crucial to give yourself time to heal and reflect on past experiences. Reflect on complaints from previous partners and aspects you can’t tolerate in a relationship. Learn from these and define what you truly desire in your next relationship.

Enjoy Your Own Company

Spend time alone and learn to enjoy your own company. Understanding your preferences when alone helps you share your time with someone else more effectively. You must offer love, peace, and support to someone else by practicing it towards yourself first.

Set Personal Goals

People are attracted to individuals with life goals. Set short-term personal goals, whether related to health, learning, or personal growth. Taking steps towards self-improvement before starting a new relationship ensures you are building an independent life to share with someone else.

Meeting a Ready Soulmate

Once you’ve healed, learn from past experiences, and start living independently, it’s time to meet a compatible soulmate. Ensure your attraction is to the person and not just the idea of a relationship. Compatibility, genuine connection, and shared goals are crucial for a successful relationship.

Cultivate a Healthy Relationship

To foster a healthy relationship, communicate openly, be yourself, and understand each other’s needs and desires. Set agreements on conflict resolution, managing finances, expressing love, and raising children. Allow your relationship to grow organically, and invest time and effort to make it flourish.

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