Areej Ahmed

Love Legacy, by Reem Ahmed was such a great book to read. It made me think in different persepective, that I can be in control of the how I feel and if I dont take control and deal with life circumstance it will manifest in undesirable ways. I learned its important to love yourself and learn to love myself.

I always considered myself that I am loved and I love myself. However after reading this book, I realized I could do way better, by being extra careful how people treat me, and realize who is there to take advantage of me, by learning to say no and not being defensive.

In the Love Legacy book, Reem explains through many examples that helped me look at things in differnt perspective. I have learned that “hurt people, hurt people” so as a someone who want to spread love, I will not repeat the cycle so I can be in my higher form.

After reading love legacy, I have came to realize that Reem coaching comes with many different strategies to tackle persons problems. Nothing is forever, we do not have to accept the hurt were feeling it can be healed and we can start new beginning but only for those who agree to a new beginning.

Thank you Reem Ahmed for this insightful book and for dedicating your career in helping people find thier happiness, one family at a time.

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