Lina T. Shararah

A Message of Peace and Hope for a happier world for one and for all.Behind Reem Ahmed’s “Love Legacy” is a kind heart set on spreading Peace in a world that has lost touch with itself. Hers is essentially a message of Hope: despite pain and suffering (mostly self-inflicted), mankind can still create a more loving, harmonious and peaceful world for all…
Using proven change models, Reem meticulously weaved a tapestry of Love, starting with the individual then building on to the couple, family systems and society at large, one family system at a time. I was touched and inspired by stories shared from her Life Coaching practice and personal experience; those beautifully illustrate the possible transformation. I particularly appreciated her strong advocacy for human emotions as gateways to inner freedom. Moreover, practical exercises offered deeper layers of inner work where her gentle and supportive presence could be felt.
“Love Legacy” came at a difficult juncture in my life where I was dealing with old wounds and complex family dynamics. It helped me better understand and communicate from a place of Love. The 5 Freedoms she often highlighted were constantly on my mind. To this, I am thankful.
I consider Reem Ahmed’s “Love Legacy” as a precious addition to the Self-Help library in general, and a prized contribution from/in the Arab world in particular. In addition, Reem’s fresh, fluid and poetic style as well as lively illustrations make her book a highly enjoyable read!

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