Sara Adnan

My friend Reem, who is a relationship coach, gifted me her first book to read. She gathered all her experiences with coaching and relationships in this book, for people to benefit from her knowledge. She helps them reach a mentally stable and happy life, and maintain healthy relationships with themselves, their partners, and kids creating a happier world.

I got to know my friend more through the lines of her book, as I was always interested to know more about her work, and the inspiring stories she may have heard during her journey. Which she included some of them in the book, and they were so enjoyable to read.

The book shows the importance of love in our lives, how to fall in love with ourselves, how to survive loss, how to build a strong relationship with your partner, how to build a happy family, and how to create a happier world. Not to mention that it includes some exercises to do by yourself, to help you reach your goals.

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