Sheik Mohammed Maaz

It was the serene and pleasant timing of me finding the messages and ideas presented to me in Love Legacy book; it had caught my attention in my right state of mind truly.

I have to say the whole book is written with extreme compassion and a higher understanding and consciousness, about the self, the individual, the other, the couple, and the family system, leading to the whole wide world.

The thought patterns and framework of mind, Reem Ahmed (the Author) has certainly and easefully presented in the book do have an inspirational value, as well as all the remarkable and miraculous stories she has laid out and shared in the book.

I have especially enjoyed the hidden ideas & concepts without naming them, so the reader can digest these perspectives and attitudes with much greater ease and smoothness.

It was convenient to read and fall into the gracefulness of how Reem had broken up complex and diverse concepts and topics; leading them into bite-sized and easy-to-follow messages. It was like deep diving into a really beautiful and relaxed mind.

I do truly admire your vision for the world Reem, and I pray and know that your dream and mission to create a happier and more peaceful world will come true; as you spread love and compassion all around you, to everyone you know, and they spread it further and further across the whole world; like ripples in the water.

(P.S Chapter 5: Towards a Happier World was my favorite part of the book)

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